Snel koelen en bewaren

Blast Chiller functies

Positief snelkoelen

Met deze technologie kan men een warm gerecht of een gerecht op kamertemperatuur snel koelen en op 3° C (koelkasttemperatuur) brengen.

Perfect rijzen

Via deze functie kunt u de bereiding voor het rijzen programmeren en de vochtigheid van het deeg onder controle houden, voor een perfect resultaat.

Defrosting, ready-to-eat foods and slow cooking

Brings the food to the desired temperature in a slow and progressive way, maintaining its texture, crispness and appearance. It is also possible to program the temperature of ready-to-eat foods.

Freezing: from room temperature to -20°C

Brings the food to -20°C by freezing it with microcrystalline technology. When it is heated again, there isn’t any water, there is no drop in weight and it can be cooked without defrosting.

Vacuum preservation.

Bell chamber

A professional-type device with a bell-shaped tank, allows almost maximum vacuum level to be reached (99.9%), compared to 80-85% which can be achieved by low-cost machines with external extraction. Its particular shape allows you to place different sized food inside, from a single ortion to half a chicken, always maintaining high machine efficiency.

4 sealing levels

From a gentle seal for baked goods and soft fruit, to the elimination of 99% of the air for long-term storage or Sous Vide cooking.

4 m3/h Vacuum pump

The high suction power is among the highest in its category and ensures maximum machine efficiency is always maintained, with foods of all sizes.


Vacuum dilates the pores of meat, fish and vegetables, allowing the aromas and seasonings to penetrate deeply into the fibres, before Sous-Vide cooking.

Low consumption

Very low maximum power input (230 W) to reduce energy consumption without sacrificing professional performance.

Optimal capacity

The internal box has a height of 140 mm, which provides an ideal volume (7.5 litres) even for large dishes, but at the same time allows the vacuum packing machine to be inserted in a drawer with standard height (150 mm).