Dora & Jon: an authentic Italian story


The art of hospitality, amid ancient flavours, thousand-year-old traditions and new interpretations, to tell the world of Sicily’s magic

New scenarios and new leading characters to continue the journey towards the discovery of flavours and territories rich in history and tradition: five video recipes and as many video stories will take you to the east coast of Sicily, between the slopes of Mount Etna, the Mediterranean Sea and the hinterland, to discover a magical place, surrounded by nature, where Sicilian cuisine meets the rest of the world. A holiday home, where you can relax and share special moments, will welcome you through the story of its hosts, who will be your guides to local producers, top-quality raw materials, ancient traditions, and virtuous breeders. You can try your hand at preparing authentic Sicilian cannoli and meat-filled arancini, get to taste unusual combinations such as sausages and marsala, savour the delicate taste of spring pasta with broad beans and peas.

Love for the land in a project that combines a warm welcome, transformation, and taste

Dora and Jon, the cook and the founder of Rocca delle Tre Contrade, will share their story and the recipes they have chosen for you: together you will explore the enchanting spaces of this dream dwelling and, at their side, you will discover the secrets of a project born from love and courage, and get to know local producers and products. Jon and Dora will show you a reality in which luxury and simplicity, high-quality cuisine and respect for the environment, an openness to the world and the protection of local traditions coexist seamlessly.

Ilve, a kitchen to make you feel at home

Jon and his partners have transformed an old abandoned manor house into a villa for unforgettable holidays, recreating the atmosphere of home: in the kitchen of Rocca delle Tre Contrade, guests can interact with those who work there and observe every stage of preparation. Ilve appliances were the perfect choice when it came to making this desire a reality: the 150 cm Majestic range cooker, with eight burners and two ovens, combines the performance of a professional kitchen with the aesthetics of a domestic kitchen. When it came to putting together the perfect setup for the courses held by star chefs from all over the world, Jon focused on appliances that the guests themselves might have at home, that are as high-performance and high-tech as they are easy to use. Ilve was a natural choice, fully reflecting the philosophy of the project: the kitchen, like the furniture, must do its part in creating a relaxed and convivial atmosphere, where everything is of the highest standard.

Stories and recipes

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