Vacuum-packed custard

Custard is one of the basic preparations in confectionery and you can use it to fill desserts and also as a base when making more complex desserts. It goes very well with sponge cake, cream puffs or puff pastry. 

The advantage that our ILVE Star Column offers us is that we will no longer have to use saucepans, mixing bowls, ladles and sieves. You will obtain perfect and pure gluten-free custard in just a few minutes and by dirtying only one bowl and a whisk! 

20 minutes

Preparation time 

1 huor

Cooking time 






Combine the egg yolks with the sugar in a bowl, mixing them gently, until you obtain a smooth and foamy consistency. Add the rice starch and then the milk, gradually, avoiding the formation of lumps. Cut the vanilla pod in half, lengthwise, and scrape the inside to separate the seeds that we will add to the cream. 

Vacuum Process

Vacuum Process

Vacuum cooking

Set the roner to 79°C, once the temperature is reached, insert the bag for an hour, shaking it from time to time to distribute the heat evenly throughout. 


Once the cooking cycle is completed, the sealed bag can be stored to be used later, storing it in the fridge at 3°C for up to 10 days. When needed, open the bag and pass the cream through a sieve to remove any lumps. 

Star Vacuum Packing

Once your custard mixture has been prepared, process it in the blast chiller for 5 minutes before vacuum packing it. 

Transfer the cream into a suitable bag for cooking, then into the vacuum drawer and pack with medium suction and maximum closure. 

Insert the bag into the Ultracombi, selecting the steam function at 85°C for 15 minutes in total. Take out the bag every 5 minutes and massage it, obviously with protection, to distribute the mixture inside the bag. 

For a better result and preservation, you can block the cooking cycle of the custard by inserting the bag in the blast chiller in positive mode at +3°C.

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