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The house in the woods

Where nature meets architecture

A house in the woods full of architectural innuendos and in perfect harmony with nature: an elegant dwelling, far from the madding crowd, but whose colours and materials are reminiscent of the Milanese masters of post-World War II bourgeois architecture. While John Lautner’s iconic Schaffer House, the extraordinary set of Tom Ford’s A Single Man, first comes to mind, the interiors of the so-called ‘stacked villas’ built by architect Giulio Minoletti in Milan’s Giardino di Arcadia are the most obvious inspiration.

In direct contact with the outdoors – thanks also to the skilful use of green for the doors, dark wood also for vertical cladding, and marble chosen for the worktop and dining table – the kitchen features an imposing central island with washing area, wall units and large columns with storage compartments: the rounded perforations for opening the doors, together with the round table, break up the predominant geometry of right angles. The large French windows create a perfect colour match between interior and exterior, as well as ensuring constant lighting.

The satin-finished steel of Ilve’s Professional Plus appliances perfectly complements the materials chosen for furnishings and finishes: functionality and professional performance, but also aesthetics and elegance for a customised solution.
The built-in 120 cm gas hob with 6 burners and Fry Top plate guarantees perfect heat regulation and distribution for every type of cooking: even the most elaborate dishes, which require special attention to cooking and temperature, can be easily incorporated into the daily menu. The 90 cm built-in electric oven with a capacity of up to 110 litres, a maximum temperature of 300°C and touch control is a real gem for those who like cooking to a high standard but are looking for safe and easy-to-use appliances.

The combination of technology, performance and aesthetics is key to the definition of a project like this, in which an environment painstakingly designed to create harmony between past and present is also and above all a place designed for contemporary life.

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