Speedy pork loin roast

A recipe that encompasses the ILVE Star Column paradigm perfectly: optimal, efficient and rapid cooking.
Time is absolutely precious nowadays. To be able to take advantage of an efficient tool like the ILVE Star Column which, among all its functions, also has that of saving us some time … as a famous advert states: “it’s priceless”. When we think of roast, we go back in time to the scents of our childhood, to Sundays, to grandmother’s long cooking … Finding all these values in just 10 minutes competes with the fastest luxury deliveries! We choose the best raw materials and cook with our own “hands”: this is true contemporary luxury!

15 minutes

Preparation time

3 hours

Cooking time






Use a large and well-sharpened knife to clean the meat from all unwanted parts. Brush the top and bottom with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar, then place it in an ovenproof dish that is not much larger than the roast itself and sprinkle with the diced onion. Poke the temperature probe into it. Meanwhile, peel and dice the vegetables. You will use them later, after the first cooking cycle.

Vacuum cooking

Using the roner (LTC) is an alternative method of cooking to the traditional roasting method. Set your roner to 65°C and vacuum pack your pork loin. Once the temperature is reached, immerse it for 3 hours and in the meantime you can focus on something else, such as preparing the vegetables. Once cooking is completed, immerse your pork loin, still in the vacuum, into a bowl with water and ice, to rapidly stop the cooking process and maintain the meat tender and juicy, and to be able to place it in the fridge and be ready to be used later. Remove the meat from the vacuum and once it has been well dabbed and dried, place it in a hot non-stick pan to sear it due to the Maillard reaction, which will allow the sugars to caramelise and convey the unmistakable roast aroma.


For consumption within 10 days, divide the roast slices into storage bags and vacuum-seal them. 

Forno Combinato Ultracombi

Roast in 10 minutes

We place the dish with the meat in the Ultracombi and insert the thermal probe to read the temperature at the core of the meat in the cavity inside the oven chamber.
Select the combined Microwave plus Convection cooking mode.
In the central part of the Ultracombi display, from top to bottom, select:

  • convection temperature 185 °C
  • core probe temperature 65 °C
  • microwave power 500 W 

The Ultracombi will cook the meat autonomously until the selected core temperature is reached in a very short time. The microwave function works from the core of the meat. The convection function facilitates the Maillard reaction, acting on the surface, it caramelises the sugars, conveying the unmistakable roast aroma … in less than 10 minutes! 

To obtain perfect slices of roast, rapidly chill for 10 minutes before slicing.

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