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Norwegian wood

A professional kitchen in the woods

Outside the snow-covered forest, inside an airy room, with wide spaces, playing heights and constant lighting: a modern and essential mountain cottage, with the kitchen, designed to be lived in every day, as its beating heart.

The sloping pitches of the roof made it possible to exploit the different heights and create two lines of spotlights that illuminate the room from above: a discreet and functional presence that virtually disappears following the architectural structure.

The walls are clad in light wood, the floors in concrete, and the black fitted kitchen is made of birch plywood. These three elements interact with each other, creating a minimalist ensemble that perfectly meets the dictates of Nordic style, clean and versatile.

The ILVE appliances from the Panoramagic range fit into this space that has been carefully designed, down to the smallest detail, yet at the same time is extremely pure in its decorative and design choices, combining bold aesthetics and technical features.

The new 90 cm gas hob is perfectly placed in the central island, deliberately left free to devote a large area to the worktop. The cast-iron pan supports and the shape of the red markers on the knobs echo the hexagonal ILVE logo, thus turning into strongly identifiable and recognisable elements: this iconic character is in perfect harmony with the pragmatic, essential design that defines the room.

The choice of the built-in double oven allows the full potential of the cooking technologies used by ILVE to be exploited: fitted into the full-height cabinet, the two ovens become prominent elements thanks to the dashboard, the large handle and knobs.

A sensitive approach to space and people has resulted in a comfortable, elegant and simple place where technology and design are the complementary elements of an intelligent and modern project.

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