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Modern Milan

Great heights and plays of light

Generous heights for a project that plays with spaces and materials in a contemporary environment that jealously preserves traces of a not too distant past. In this double-height kitchen, light is a key element that enriches the perception of space, along with volumes: even the perfectly preserved herringbone wooden floors create different areas bounding the rooms within this large domestic space.
The dialogue between the stone clad walls and the wood of the furniture and floor contributes to a tactile and sensory experience, as well as aesthetic.

Touch also plays a leading role in the Ilve range cooker from the Panoramagic collection with its convenient and easy to use 4.3-inch touch screen. The range cooker chosen is the 90 cm version with a 6-zone induction hob in stainless steel with satin finish, perfect to highlight the contemporary character of this kitchen. There is no shortage of iconic elements: from the sloping dashboard to the red position markers on the knobs that echo the hexagonal design of the Ilve logo.

The long worktop hints to a kitchen that is lived in and used every day, where professional technology is as much a priority as strong, functional aesthetics. The 60 cm built-in oven also meets this double requirement perfectly: elegant and high-performance, it guarantees perfect cooking results every time thanks to features such as Quick Start rapid preheating, thorough temperature control and steam venting to control moisture while cooking.

In this project, the appliances play a leading role in creating an austere and refined environment, just like the materials, the concealed wall units, the play of chiaroscuro, the pendant lamp with its geometric design, and the large table designed for entertaining guests.

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