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ILVE workshop: craftsmanship and high technology

An ILVE kitchen appliance comes to life from a simple sheet of metal, thanks to the combination of Italian craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. In our workshop, we take great care in all phases of light metalwork.

ILVE appliances: it all starts with steel

One of the elements that distinguishes a high-quality cooking system is the material it is made from. At ILVE we use AISI 304 steel sheets, the most commonly used material in professional kitchens, with thicknesses up to 10/10 to guarantee superior performance in the kitchen.

Our CNC machines combine with human care and sensitivity to guarantee ILVE’s most important distinguishing feature: the balanced
and synergetic union of craftsmanship and process automation. Each sheet is laser-cut, printed and folded by our robots and then welded by the hands of experienced and trained professionals who leave no detail to chance.

Thanks to these processes, we start from simple metal sheets and obtain all those components that, once assembled, lead to the production of a semi-finished product ready for the final touches. We refer specifically to the load-bearing structure, the hob basin and the external panels that make up the body of ILVE kitchen appliances.

High degrees of customisation, unchanged quality standards

Our craftsmanship allows us to customise each ILVE cooking system according to the needs of our customers, a feature that has always been one of the reasons for the greater satisfaction of those who choose us. From aesthetics to functionality, we pay minute attention to every detail to ensure maximum satisfaction.

Thanks to process automation, we maintain high quality standards that are perfectly replicable on every ILVE product. This allows us to know every kitchen appliance that leaves our workshop down to the smallest detail, and at the same time offers the customer maximum quality stability.

In the ILVE workshop, Italian craftsmanship combines with technological precision to create cooking systems that embody Made in Italy excellence, bringing the combination of aesthetic beauty and reliable performance to the kitchen.


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