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From concept to creation: how an ILVE cooking system is developed

The design and development phase of ILVE cooking systems

In the world of innovation, every great achievement starts with a great idea. ILVE, a pillar of the made-in-Italy kitchen appliance world, has been cultivating this principle for over fifty years, combining creativity, commitment and technical expertise to turn ideas into reality. And this is also thanks to vision, professionalism and constant research guided by design and performance, ILVE’s key points. In the early design and development phase of our professional cooking systems for the home kitchen, the technical department and laboratory play a key role.

Technical department and laboratory: two complementary and indispensable divisions

The essence of the process, as we mentioned earlier, starts with an idea, which takes shape through the synergetic work of the technical department and the laboratory and is then translated into product design. Our experts, driven by a passion for excellence typically made in Italy, translate customers’ aspirations into concrete solutions.

The technical department, consisting of a specialised team with specific, vertical product expertise, receives an indication from a customer or a specific market, and from that moment on, the primary objective becomes to get as close as possible to the received delivery. We start by drafting the drawings and go on to create the initial prototypes of the cooking systems.

Next, the laboratory, with its dedicated team, performs rigorous functional tests to ensure the safety and performance of ILVE kitchen appliances. The results of these tests lead to possible further revisions of the design in order to develop prototypes that are relevant to the final production goal, ensuring a continuous refinement process.

In every ILVE kitchen, the customer is at the centre. The Guiding Principles of ILVE cooking system design

The design and development phase, which varies in length depending on the complexity of the product and the needs of the market, responds to 3 important keywords: beauty, safety and durability. These values are intrinsic in the DNA of every ILVE kitchen appliance and like beacons they guide the work of the project teams from the very beginning, guaranteeing not only impeccable aesthetics, but also reliable performance over time.

Every ILVE range cooker is designed with the end user in mind, which is why it is of paramount importance that it is user friendly and able to create an engaging and positive customer experience. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations by providing superior products that improve everyday life.

At ILVE, the design and development phase of cooking systems is the beating heart of our business. Through continuous innovation and attention to detail, we strive to create kitchen appliances that satisfy not only functional needs, but also our customers’ desire for beauty and superior performance.


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