A life home away from chaos

They say you should not judge a book by its cover. Even before telling Ruth and Andrea’s story, it is easy to see why it is so fascinating: be it the stunning Prosecco Hills, the energising and enchanting nature in which they live or their calm and friendly demeanour, but in their life projects, form and substance seem to come together perfectly.
Our Rustica is a home that is always ready to host people from all over the world. But it is also a cookery school, a wonderful opportunity for anyone who wants to enjoy a unique and rewarding experience.
It has been nine years since Ruth, a fashion designer, and Andrea, an Italian chef, decided to make San Lorenzo, a hamlet of Vittorio Veneto, their love nest, in an area of woodland, meadows and vineyards.

“This house and this area chose us.”

Their one is an ever-evolving project which has gone from being a young couple’s hideaway to a B&B and cookery school: after spending four years renovating the place, almost by themselves by studying and watching tutorials, Ruth and Andrea, who have since become parents to Jasmine, felt that it was a place worth sharing.
Sharing has been a driving force from day one, from the first brick laid and the first seed planted in the home garden. Our Rustica came into being as a result of the joint efforts of people from all over the world who used the Workaway platform to offer their skills in exchange for room and board: by sharing their skills, emotions, and experiences, Ruth and Andrea’s idea began to take shape, starting from the ground up. Some guests have also regained their inner balance or rediscovered values they feared they had lost: For instance, Philip, an English landscape painter who cycled around the world, was supposed to stay a week but instead ended up staying three months and helped build the woodshed as he rediscovered the value of friendship and love.

“Our guests often feel as if they are part of our family; they help us out in the kitchen, clear the table, and do the washing-up with us.”

Forming special bonds with people is what this family and Our Rustica are all about. It is essential to get to know guests and their habits well enough to be able to anticipate their wishes and grasp the nuances of their personality: being able to understand from an e-mail what people from the USA, China, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland or Brazil need and expect when they come and take part in a cookery course, and getting ready to give them a warm welcome – this is one of Ruth’s and Andrea’s talents, which proves that their sensitivity comes through in everything they do.

“Some come to find peace of mind, some need to be surrounded by beauty, and others would like to immerse themselves completely in the local cuisine.”

Their guests are always eager to come back as if they were returning home after a long journey. With his cookery courses, Andrea, who is a patient teacher and keen listener, assists participants in discovering the local area, introduces them to local producers and their products, and shares food preparations, ideas, and everyday life activities with them. With her sense of style and infectious energy, Ruth sets the perfect ambience for an intimate, relaxing, and informal experience, sharing every day the cosy love nest where it all began.


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