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A country kitchen

Beauty and functionality, history and contemporaneity
Elettrodomestici in Acciaio per la Cucina

What is functional is also beautiful. One of the main assumptions of the Modern Movement perfectly describes a neat environment with bold geometries.

For this house in the French countryside, the restyling was required to respect the allure of a place steeped in history, but at the same time deeply rooted in the contemporary: the refined contrast between the majolica tiles enlivening the walls and the austere palette of furniture and appliances is a choice based on this perfect balance.

Bright and essential, the modern kitchen, with its dark, almost churchly colour, finely embodies the domestic altar: the central island, illuminated by Vitra’s Potence, lightly dominates a cosy yet austere interior.

In this interplay of counterpoints, the role of the appliances in ILVE’s Professional Plus collection carries great weight: giving the professional face of AISI304 steel to a country kitchen is a choice that puts performance at the forefront.

Star Column and side-by-side refrigerator are a kitchen brigade of the highest level: on the one hand, a free-standing structure in black tempered glass with matte black finishes, consisting of an Ultracombi trivalent oven, blast chiller and sous-vide, and on the other a matte charcoal refrigerator with matte black finishes, capacious and functional, just like those used in the best restaurants.

The 90 cm induction hob is undoubtedly the king of the island: simple and elegant design for a safe and easy-to-use system that makes use of the best technologies, a discreet presence that adds a further contemporary touch to the room.

Beauty once again reveals itself in the relationship between design and purpose, between pure aesthetics and function. Every detail is a key part of a whole playing in unison, in a design that is above all a life project.

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