Technologies of ovens and
cooking and storage systems

The ovens: grand size and performance.

Any single or double combination oven you choose, will provide you with all the space you need, even for large dishes. The 60 cm oven has an internal volume of 65 litres, and the 80 cm oven has a capacity of as many as 97 litres, while the 30 inch Majestic range cooker provides all of 114 litres!

Forni Professionali per la Casa, Forni Elettrici Multifunzione ILVE

Quick start

The quick oven preheating function allows it to reach the desired temperature in a short time and you can then choose the best suited cooking mode for the dish. It also works as rapid defrosting when a low temperature is set (30°C – 40°C).

Cold door with triple removable glass

Safe with children, perfectly insulated thanks to the three layers, and easy to clean.

Steam discharge

Thanks to this system, the vapours are removed from inside the cavity, allowing you to choose a drier or more moist cooking. This way, you can achieve a crispy baked dish, or a soft and juicy roast.

Cooking probe

An essential accessory to check the temperature at the core, for example in meat cuts.

Precise electronic
temperature control

The electronic control ensures that the temperature of the oven remains constant throughout, without fluctuating, as is the case in conventional ovens. It can be set with precision starting from 30°C, for perfect proofing, up to 320°C, for rapid defrosting.


Cooking and control: ovens for haute cuisine.

Forni Professionali per la Casa, Forni Elettrici Multifunzione ILVE

Tangential cooling
ventilation and high density

Prevents the furniture next to the oven and the kitchen from overheating.

Folding grill coil for
complete cleaning

Thanks to the articulated support, the electric heating element of the grill can be lowered to clean the top part of the cavity more easily.

Door with
soft closing system

The door hinges are fitted with a shock absorber that makes closure more gradual and noiseless.

Easy clean enamel

The grease does not stick to the surface and can therefore be cleaned more easily.

from 30° to 320° C

From proofing to cooking, roasting to low temperature, ILVE ovens allow you to prepare complex and sophisticated recipes very easily, with perfect results.

The range of ilve ovens offers cooking methods to suit every need.

Forni Professionali per la Casa, Forni Elettrici Multifunzione ILVE

Combined cooking

With 5 single processes and 4 combined programs, Ultracombi reduces cooking times and achieves extraordinary performance. Touching a single display, it is possible, for example, to integrate the microwave with the grill, or ventilation and steam, to obtain perfect preparations under every aspect.


Cooking with a steam oven retains the aromas and minerals, it does not use cooking fat and enhances the natural taste of the ingredients.


Thanks to four power levels and the Quick Start function, microwave technology is not limited to heating and defrosting food, but guarantees fast and excellent cooking.


The ventilation and grill ensure crispiness on the surface and a juicy core, and are ideal for browning dishes evenly.

400° pizza oven

The very high temperature that can be reached with the 400°C Pizza Oven allows you to dish out crispy pizzas according to the best tradition. It can also be used for all types of preparations and for every recipe from 30°C to 400°C!

Even cooking

The “blower effect” air circulation, created by the special 400°C Pizza Oven deflectors, allows the dough to be baked perfectly from both the top and bottom.

TFT Display User-friendly, comprehensive and high resolution.

Simply touch the large display with one finger to control all the functions of the single oven or of the two ovens, with a single device. Temperature, timer, and automatic cooking start and end programmer: everything is controlled with one move and at a glance.
Forni Professionali per la Casa, Forni Elettrici Multifunzione ILVE

4.3” full touch display

Thanks to TFT technology, the display assures superior readability, displaying every function with clear and immediate graphics.

Controlling two ovens

All the functions of each oven are managed and programmed on the same display, with the utmost immediacy.

See how simple it is to control Majestic

Gradual selection of the oven temperature.
Programming the cooking time.