Hob Technologies

Dual Burners The ideal power for perfect cooking, always.

Piani Cottura Professionali per Casa ILVE

Gas burners Dual with power up to 5 kW

Optimal supply and perfect distribution of he heat, for all types of cooking.

Total Black brass flame spreader with nonstick nanotechnological treatment

The noble technical characteristics of brass are enriched with a nanotechnological coating that assures easy cleaning, with an elegant Total Black finish.

Highly specialised hobs

Structure in AISI 304 steel with 12/10 thickness, option to choose ideal combination between a gas hob with up to 9 burners or induction, mixed and in various setups.

Hob with cast iron pan supports

The indestructible cast iron pan supports provide a functional and safe support for the pots.

Plusses of gas hobs.

Piani Cottura Professionali per Casa ILVE

Full size Fry top plate with 8mm thickness

The thick steel ensures an even temperature over the entire surface, for evenly griddle cooked meat, fish, vegetables etc. Easy to clean, it can also be used as a worktop.

Integrated switch-on on the knobs

Just press the gas knob to trigger the spark: so simple and instant.

Safety valve

Interrupts the gas supply if the flame should be accidentally extinguished.

Tilted flame

This is more efficient as it distributes the heat on a larger surface than the bottom of the pot.

Multi-gas burners

Once the flame has stabilised, they eliminate any accidental extinguishing of the fire due to air currents or liquid spills.

Triple crown burner

High power burner (4.3 kW). Suitable for woks and large pots or pans.

Brass flame spreader

Maximum flame resistance and excellent durability.

Plusses of induction hobs.

Piani Cottura Professionali per Casa ILVE

Residual heat indicator

Indicates that the glass is hot and therefore, one should be careful when touching it and when placing items on it as they might be damaged.

Timer with automatic stop

Turns off the active zone once the set time elapses.

Integrated extraction

Some models are fitted with an extraction system integrated in the induction hob, to optimise the ergonomics and ease of insertion into the space, since the hood is not required.

Bridge control

Induction hobs that have this feature, provide the option of simultaneously controlling 2 adjacent zones with a single command as if they were a single zone.

Booster function

Allows you to focus all the power of the induction hob in the preset zone, to speed up the boiling and cooking times.

Slide controls

This handy “touch control” system makes it possible, for example, to increase or decrease the operating temperature by sliding your finger from right to left or vice versa.

Child safety

Once this function has been set and until it is disabled, the induction hob does not turn on by turning on the controls.

Power Limiting Device

If the maximum consumption of the induction hob exceeds the power supplied by the mains, it can be underpowered so as to prevent overloading.

Overheating and liquid
spill protection

If the hob overheats or liquid spills occur, a safety device trips and stops operation.