Zen green beans

Green beans are zen by nature: they have a low glycemic index, strengthen the immune system, counter water retention, help prevent osteoporosis, stimulate the formation of collagen, protect cells from the formation of free radicals … and they have veryfew calories … but above all, they are “zen” because trimming and cleaning them is actually relaxing. This is a typical recipe of Buddhist culture called: “Green bean Namul”.

8 mins

Preparation time

25 mins

Cooking time






Clean the green beans by removing the petioles at the ends.

Vacuum Process

Prepare a mixture of water, balanced salt solution, extra virgin olive oil, soy sauce and sesame seeds. Mix the green beans with the preserving liquid and put everything in the cooking bag and set the maximum vacuum and seal.


Set the roner to 85°C and once the temperature is reached, insert the bag with the green beans for about 25 minutes (reduce the time if you like them firmer). Stop the cooking cycle and maintain a bright colour by dipping the bag in water and ice.


Green beans can be eaten within 10 days of preparation.

Elettrodomestici in Acciaio, Colonna Stellata ILVE

Maximum flavours

Set the Ultracombi in steam cooking mode at 97°C.
As soon as the display shows “Insert Food”, insert the bag and place it on the perforated tray and set 15 minutes of cooking.
You can then positively blast chill the green beans if you do not need to serve them immediately. This way you will guarantee that the colour and cooking level are maintained.

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