Tiramisu on a stick

Tiramisu has seduced the world just like ice cream has. Why not combine them? Here is the reinvention of the traditional Treviso dessert created in the “Beccherie” restaurant. A version that encompasses the practicality of a dessert that is always ready in individual portions, the tasty thoughtlessness of being able to enjoy it “on a stick” just like an ice cream and zero food waste thanks to the ingredients of previous recipes being reused. A feast for the eyes, the mind and the palate.

55 mins + 3 hours of resting time

Preparation time






You can use ready-made Cookies and the vacuum-packed Custard. For the mascarpone cream: combine the mascarpone (very cold) and 2 teaspoons of condensed milk to the egg yolks, whipped with the sugar, and mix carefully. For the second cream combine the vacuum-packed Custard with the Philadelphia cheese. Prepare a strong coffee. Whip the cream.

Microwave process

When all the components of the filling are ready, prepare the chocolate by breaking it into flakes with a sharp knife, then melt it in the microwave in a glass bowl (or in the Ultracombi in microwave mode) at 500 W for 4 minutes.

Freezer process

Pour a first layer of melted chocolate into a silicone mould and place it in the freezer for half an hour. Once the first layer has solidified, proceed with the second step of chocolate, which is left to cool, to thicken what will be our external coating. Place it back into the freezer for another half an hour.


Alternate the two creams, the biscuits dipped in coffee and a layer of whipped cream. Close everything with a last layer of dark chocolate. Let it set in the freezer for at least 2 hours.


Remove the desserts from the mould and, after having created a slit with the tip of a knife, previously dipped in boiling water, “pierce them” with the popsicle sticks.


Keep the sticks wrapped in foil in the freezer for up to 1 month.

Elettrodomestici in Acciaio, Colonna Stellata ILVE

Reduce the times

Instead of using the home freezer, you can significantly reduce the preparation time by using the blast chiller provided with the ILVE Star Column. Once the melted chocolate has been poured into the silicone moulds, process it quickly for one minute in the blast chiller at 0°C. Pour the melted chocolate a second time, but warm compared to the first step so as to form a thicker layer. Place it again in the blast chiller to harden the shell. Form it by alternating the two creams, the biscuits dipped in coffee and the whipped cream. Close everything with a last layer of dark chocolate. Reduce the times again and let it harden in the blast chiller, selecting the “Freezing” mode for only 30 minutes.

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