Suino nero dei Nebrodi (Nebrodi black pig): an ethical choice of quality

Quality is a goal that cannot be achieved by cutting corners. It requires a sincere, ethical, and conscious approach, a clear vision of the priorities and core values. At Rocca delle Tre Contrade, every choice is guided by the desire to offer the highest quality, even if this may at times require some sacrifices: for example, fewer rooms to guarantee the best service. The search for suppliers is based on authenticity: encounters, tastings, and experiences lead to interest and curiosity; feeling and a shared approach lead to solid relationships that last.

Freedom, well-being, and a low environmental impact for virtuous breeding

After discovering Franco Borrello’s prosciutto hams in Milan, Jon realised he had found the producer he was looking for. A good relationship was immediately born, based on trust and perfect harmony: Borrello saw in Jon and his collaborators the right interlocutors for shining a bright light on top-quality products.
The farm in Sinagra, at the foot of the Nebrodi mountains, was one of the first to once more take up black pig breeding, which had been partly abandoned in the 1950s and 1960s, also as a result of the introduction of more productive and more profitable foreign breeds after the war.
The black pigs of the Nebrodi are strong, hardy animals that Borrello raises in the wild in an area of about 100 hectares. In summer, when they normally do not need special care, only newborn pigs can be found in the smaller pens: the others graze freely in the woods, feeding on acorns and roots; only when necessary is their diet is supplemented with fruit, broad beans, maize, and barley.
Borrello cares for and looks after his animals, who roam free and find shelter in so-called “zimme”, low environmental impact huts that ensure the welfare of the pigs.

Good meat that is as good for you as it is tasty

Jon and Dora chose to offer to their guests the meat of the Nebrodi black pig because of its nutritional characteristics, as well as its taste and quality performance in cooking and the preparation of cured meats: compared to that of light-coloured pigs, in fact, the meat of these dark-coated pigs has a higher content of HDL cholesterol (the one commonly known as “good cholesterol”), is rich in iron, and has a greater capacity for water retention.
Soft when cut, with a deep red colour and a wild flavour reminiscent of hazelnuts, it can be used nose-to-tail for many preparations.
Borrello’s products are always on the menu at Rocca delle Tre Contrade: from cured meats to the sausages that Dora loves to cook with orange and Marsala wine, to the lard used for frying and for making the pastry shells of cannoli.

A project driven by authentic values

Prioritising ethics and quality is paramount for Jon and Dora: it is how they have managed to create an environment in which every element is enhanced, with attention to detail, made perfect in its authenticity. In the same way, the suppliers and the products they have selected meet these indispensable criteria, which make their story even more interesting.


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