Fast potatoes

Thanks to the Ultracombi function of the ILVE Star Column, we can obtain genuine potatoes, which are rich in flavour and always ready in a very short time. An excellent side dish or a ready-made base for other preparations.

5 minutes

Preparation time 

8 minutes + resting time

Cooking time 






Wash and brush the potatoes well with a natural fibre brush. Make a few incisions and then beat them with a meat mallet. Rub them with oil and the other seasoning ingredients. 

Microwave cooking

Divide the potatoes into the jars, add a sprig of rosemary and a clove of unpeeled garlic to each one. Clean the edges of the jars well, close and hook the 4 clamps. Insert in the microwave (or in the Ultracombi in microwave mode) for 8 minutes at 800 W. Then let it rest for 20 minutes before consuming. 


Store in the fridge for no more than 5 days.

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