Convection, microwave, steam cooking in one single oven.

Ultracombi offers 5 single cooking modes and 4 combined programs that allow to choose the most convenient cooking mode in one single appliance. For example, through the smart TFT display, it is possible to combine microwave and grill function, or convection with steam, in order to obtain perfect preparations.

Convection oven

Ventilation and grill function guarantee that the food is crispy on the surface and juicy at the core, and they are ideal for cooking browned and gratin dishes.
Forno Combinato Ultracombi

Hot air

Ultracombi quickly reaches the set cooking temperature, maintaining it over a constant curve. These two important factors are combined with the perfect amount of air circulation within the oven, uniformly distributing heat for evenly-cooked food.


With the Grill feature, you can perfectly cook whatever food you’re making, just as you desire. Grilling the surface makes dishes perfectly golden and gives them the right amount of crunch, satisfying both the eyes and the palate.


The healthier and most nutritious cooking process: it maintains the flavors, the vitamins and the natural salts, it does not make use of cooking fats, it enhances the natural flavor of the seasonal fresh ingredients.
Forno Combinato Ultracombi

Sous vide

With steam technology and the help of the optional vacuum sealing unit, you can use the sous vide technique for all the advantages that it offers: gentle cooking that brings out flavours, maintaining food’s nutritional value, aromas and flavours.

Water tank

The 1-litre water tank, indispensable for the steam feature, is easy to access and refill.


The microwave technology not only it is useful to warm up of defrost food, but it also guarantees performance and quick and excellent cooking.
4 power levels plus the quick start function which allows to reach the maximum power with just a click. The cooking cycles integrated with the microwave offer surprising results in terms of quality, taste and time saving
Accessori Forno Pizza 400° per la Casa
60cm Ultracombi stoomoven "Professional Plus"

Nero Black glass

Black tempered glass triple-purpose oven with full touch control and black matt handle

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Roma Stainless steel

Stainless steel triple-purpose oven with TFT control and professional knob

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Classic style triple-purpose oven available in five colors and three finished that can be combined together

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