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Social Media Terms of Use


This page lists the terms of use that is given to ILVE Appliances (KitchenEx Ltd) when permission is given for sharing content across ILVE channels/platforms, with credit to the owners account.

Any media shared will state your social media channel as desired, please reach out to us if your platform handle changes so we can make any amendments.

We will ensure to include all appropriate credits to the media, but require the account owner to inform us if others are required e.g. A photographer. If there are any changes required, please contact us and we will amend all posts published on our account within the last 14 days.

Usage Terms

When permission has been granted for ILVE/ILVE retailers to share your content, your media may appear on the channels below:

1). Instagram: @ilveappliances Instagram account (feed, reel or stories) OR UK ILVE retailers accounts (feed, reel or stories).

2). Facebook: ILVE UK’s Facebook page (timeline, reel or stories) OR UK ILVE retailers Facebook pages (feed, reel or stories).

3). Meta: Boosted or sponsored posts across Instagram and Facebook.

4). Pinterest: Pins on @ilveappliancesuk’s account.

5). ILVE UK website: Customer inspiration or product pages –

All copyright permissions remain with the owner of the image. 

How will I have been contacted?

Terms of use will have been sent via direct message on our official UK social media channels or on an email ( in 2023 with a link to this page. All of our official social media channels can be found at the bottom of

Get in Touch

Thank you for taking the time to read our Social Media Terms of Use. If you have any issues, please contact us on the following: [email protected].