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      Total Black brass flame spreader

      This model features a burner/s with a brass flame spreader, which has been coasting with a non-stick nanotechnology treatment.

      Highly specialised hobs

      Each hob is made with professional grade stainless steel, built to last. There are a variety of hob layouts available depending on the size of hob.

      Heavy cast iron pan supports

      The burners will be protected with solid cast iron pan supports which are very easy to clean.

      4.3” full touch display

      Easily manage the settings using the 4.3" full touch colour display. The display is super easy to read and uses universal symbols.

      Precise electronic temperature control

      Setting the temperature of the oven is effortless due to ILVE's precision temperature control. This gives you the ability to be more accurate and will allow you to set the exact temperature using the screen.

      Door and drawer with soft close

      With thanks to our soft-closing system, both the oven door/s and storage drawer can be closed gently.

      Moisture Control

      ILVE's moisture control system, allows you to manage the amount of moisture within the oven. This setting works alongside other functions and can create the perfect cooking environment by eliciting steam as desired for some dishes. Dry cooking is ideal for crisping up bread and removing moisture, whilst wet is perfect for cookings roasts and stews.

      Cool door with triple glass

      This model features a cool to touch door with thanks to the triple glass.

      Cooking Probe

      Cooking a Sunday roast has never been so easy. Keep an eye on the temperature of any meat using ILVE's handy electronic cooking probe.





      Blue grey
      Antique White
      Stainless Steel
      Matt Graphite
      Gloss Black
      Midnight Blue
      Burgundy Red
      Emerald Green
      RAL Classic


      Antique Bronze



      Energy class
      Operating temperature
      Number of functions

      OV 80 E3 TFT S
      80 cm electronic oven

      Energy class A+
      Operating temperature 30-320°C
      Number of functions 15




      6 burners

      6 burners with fry top

      2 induction zones



      OV 80 E3 TFT S   80 cm electronic oven
      Pizza function
      Pizza function

      Suitable for baking pizza, but also for
      bread and focaccia. The main source of
      heat is the lower heating element
      which, with the help of the other
      underpowered heating elements,
      creates an ideal situation for this type
      of cooking.


      Assures quick defrosting of all frozen food in general, which is quickly brought to room temperature, without altering its taste and appearance.

      Multiple fan cooking
      Multiple fan cooking

      This is the function that allows different dishes to be cooked simultaneously without the smells mixing. Lasagna, croissants and brioches, tarts, cakes, etc. can be baked, thereby saving time and electricity.

      Multiple moist fan cooking
      Multiple moist fan cooking

      This adds more moisture to multiple fan normal cooking.

      Intensive cooking
      Intensive cooking

      It assures quick and intensive cooking with steam discharge. It is recommended to obtain a crispy result: baked potatoes and vegetables, chicken, salt crusted fish, etc.

      Moist intensive cooking
      Moist intensive cooking

      It assures quick and intensive cooking with steam block. It is recommended for moist cooking: chicken cacciatore, braised meat, stewed rabbit, salt cod, etc.

      Fan grill cooking
      Fan grill cooking

      Particularly fast and deep, with significant energy savings, this function is suitable for many foods, such as: pork chop, sausages, pork or mixed kebabs, game, Roman-style gnocchi, etc.

      Grill cooking with closed door
      Grill cooking with closed door

      Recommended function for quick and deep grilling, browning and roasting meat in general, fillet, Florentine steak, fish and even vegetables.

      Cooking from above
      Cooking from above

      Particularly suitable for browning and adding the final touch of colour to many foods; it is the recommended function for burgers, pork chops, veal steaks, sole, cuttlefish, etc.

      Moist cooking from above
      Moist cooking from above

      Ideal for browning and to add the final touch of colour to many foods, while leaving them tender.

      Cooking from below
      Cooking from below

      This is the most suitable cooking method to complete the cooking cycle, especially pastries (biscuits, meringues, leavened desserts, fruit desserts, etc.).

      Moist cooking from below
      Moist cooking from below

      This is the most suitable cooking method to complete the cooking cycle, while maintaining the right level of moistness.

      Static normal cooking
      Static normal cooking

      This is the classic function of the electric oven, particularly suitable for cooking the following foods: pork chop, sausages, salt cod, braised meat, game, roast veal, meringues and biscuits, baked fruit, etc.

      Moist static normal cooking
      Moist static normal cooking

      This adds more moisture to normal static cooking.

      ECO cooking
      ECO cooking

      This is the function that allows you to cook with significant savings on electricity consumption. With the ECO function, cooking times adapt to slow roasting, such as: braised meats, white meats, baked pasta, delicate pastries. This cooking cycle is not recommended for frozen foods.



      OV 80 E3 TFT S   80 cm electronic oven
      Maximum input
      2,75 kW
      Top electrical heating element
      1200 W
      Bottom electrical heating element
      1350 W
      Electric grill
      2150 W
      Circular heating element
      2100 W
      A - Induction zone Ø 145 mm
      1,4 kW
      B - Induction zone Ø 180 mm
      1,85 kW
      C - Induction zone Ø 210 mm
      2,3 kW
      D - Induction zone Ø 260 mm
      2,6 kW
      Two-zone induction
      2 x 1,85 kW / 3,7 kW
      Double ring dual burner 5 kW Ø 120 mm
      5,0 kW / 0,3 kW
      Double ring burner Ø 120 mm
      4,3 kW / 1,8 kW
      Double burner Fry Top plate Ø 90 mm + Ø 60 mm
      3 kW / 0,6 kW + 1,8 kW / 0,4 kW
      Fish pot burner
      3,1 kW / 1,2 kW
      Large burner Ø 90 mm
      3 kW / 0,6 kW
      Small burner Ø 60 mm
      1,8 kW / 0,4 kW


      Majestic 90 M09N

      100 cm Majestic fornuis


      Data sheet
      User manual
      Wiring diagram


      Accessories available