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7 Handy Tips for a Beautifully Clean Range Cooker

As much as we all love to cook, the best dishes always seem to be the messiest. My ILVE is my pride and joy, so I try to always keep it as immaculate as the day it arrived. I’ve put together some handy tips if you want to keep your range cooker clean. Here is my step-by-step guide to help you keep your ILVE spotless. Before we get started, please remember these things:

• Cleaning is always SO much easier if done after every use. Give your range a quick wipe around the oven and hob after cooking. This will save time you so much time in the long run by preventing a build-up of dirt that would need a tedious deep clean.</p>

• Please make sure to always disconnect the electricity supply to the appliance before you start cleaning your range cooker!

• It’s super important not to let oil or fat build up on any surface, particularly on oven bases and oven trays, as this can lead to permanent staining or the risk of a fat fire.

• Clean the outside of your cooker with a dishcloth and warm water with washing up liquid in. Use a microfibre cloth or an old hand towel to dry and buff and remove any fingerprints.

• If you are unsure about anything, remember to check your product’s user manual.

Tip 1: Clean brass burner rings mean a clean range cooker

The latest ILVE range cooker models have updated burners. These brass burners are covered in a unique nanotechnological black coating. This special, new coating repels dirt making keeping them clean SO much easier. When cleaning the burners, wait until they are cool, then simply wash with washing up liquid and warm water, with a cloth or another non-abrasive sponge. *Please note that steel wool, scourers and none neutral cleaning products will damage the burners.  

Tip 2: Cleaning your range cookers hob top

When cleaning your gas hob, do not use any abrasive cleaners on the stainless steel, this could discolour or damage the hob top! Again, soft cloth/soft sponge, use warm water and washing-up liquid to wipe the top clean. Whilst it is still damp, polish dry with a microfibre cloth or old hand towel to get it sparkling. Or use one of the degreaser sprays which works like magic! Always work in the same direction as the grain of the stainless steel, rinse well and polish dry. The pan supports are made from cast iron with a protective coating of acid-resistant enamel. Make sure to wait for them to cool completely before you start cleaning. Fill your sink with warm water and pop them in so that they are covered and wipe with a soft cloth. We find washing up liquid is the best to use to clean them.

Tip 3: Get your fry top sparkling!

As the fry top is pretty heavy, leave it on the hob and clean it whilst it’s there! After cooking, wait to cool slightly, until just warm. Use the ILVE spatula provided to pick up and remove any cooking residue food left. Wipe away any fat in the drip tray with a clean kitchen towel. Clean the whole surface with warm water and washing-up liquid, using a stainless steel scourer. Remember to always work with the grain of stainless steel. Some foods with high salt content (such as bacon) may leave white marks. For these and other stubborn marks use a cream cleaner suitable for stainless steel surfaces. Clean the enamelled stand at the back of the fry top with a soft cloth, warm water and washing-up liquid. Again, please clean your fry-top after every use as stains may be very difficult to lift if not.

Tip 4: Struggling to clean your range cooker’s Coup de Feu?

If you are lucky enough to have a cooker with a Coup de feu, it is important to perform a task called ‘Seasoning’ before using it for the first time. Treating the surface will prevent oxidation and discolouration when heated. If there is discolouration before use, we recommend you use a high-grade/fine steel wool pad to brush off the residue. How to Season the Coup de Feu… Warm up the Coup de feu (just on a warm setting). Add high flash point oil – we recommend sunflower, rapeseed or vegetable oil. Spread the oil lightly on the Coup de Feu, and make sure not to overdo the oiling! The concentric circles are open to the burner below. Once the oil it is lightly and evenly spread across the Coup de Feu surface increase the temperature and let the oil burn off for ½ an hour. Be sure to turn your cooker hood/open a window as smoke will occur in the normal burn-off process After half an hour, turn off the burner and let it cool. Use fine steel wool or a scrubbing pad (don’t use a sponge) to rub off the burner oil. After you have scrubbed and wiped the surface dry, immediately add another very light layer of oil to keep it from oxidizing or rusting! This helps the hob top last for a long time. If you won’t use be using the Coup de Feu for extended periods of time, put a light film of oil on the Coup de Feu burner top. The seasoning process should be repeated often to build up a resistance to exposure to water and humidity that naturally occurs during cooking. You can also remove the smaller circular/round rings of the Coup de Feu – follow the instructions above for oiling and place it into the oven at 200°C for 1 hour. Then follow the above instructions to clean the rings before placing them back into position on the Coup de Feu before their next use. Never place food directly onto the Coup de Feu surface – proper cookware or containers should always be used.

Tip 5: Fascia/control panel

For cleaning the fascia controls, please do not use strong or abrasive cleaning agents. This can cause damage to the calibrations and icons, and permanently scratch the surfaces. Use only a well wrung dishcloth and dry with a paper towel, microfibre cloth or hand towel.

Tip 6: The dreaded oven interior… it’s easier than you think!

ILVE’s newest range cooker models have made it even easier to learn! The ovens are coated in easy-clean enamel, simply wait for the oven to cool after cooking, but is still warm. Use warm, soapy water and scrub away any cooking marks!

Tip 7: Finally, glass/oven doors

When cleaning the glass doors, begin by cleaning the glass with washing up water, then use a good quality ceramic hob cleaner. This gives the glass a high gloss finish and will help the glass stay clean for longer. The doors can also be completely removed for easy cleaning, each panel can be removed and reassembled. If your range cooker features a TFT touch screen use a small amount of window cleaner and paper towel to remove any fingerprints. If you have any questions, please visit our Help Centre or get in touch!

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