Forno pizza 400°

Pizza at home like in a pizzeria.

The ILVE Pizza Oven is the only appliance dedicated to your home able to cook at 400°C. In 2 minutes pizza is perfectly cooked, crispy and tasty like in your favorite pizzeria.

High performances not only for pizza

The Pizza oven, however, also performs all the functions of a traditional oven thus expanding its range of use. By removing the deflectors you will obtain a compact oven with the same features of a regular convection oven, with three cooking levels and a temperature adjustable from 30° to 400°.

Temperature from 30° to 400°

Precise electronic temperature control

Tangential cooling ventilation and high density insulation

Child safety

Professional Plus Black glass

Black tempered glass Pizza oven with full touch control and black matt handle

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Professional Plus Stainless steel

Stainless steel Pizza oven with TFT control and professional knob

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Classic style Pizza oven available in five colors and three finished that can be combined together

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