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The value of space

Elegant minimalism and cosy functionality

The understated elegance of natural textures and muted colours for a bright, minimalist kitchen that seeks the highest functionality. Bespoke wooden chests of drawers and a pantry interact in this design aimed at making the best use of space, through a play of contrasts between horizontal elements and vertical lines that provides dynamism: the integration of high-tech and the Fifties is apparent and compelling, especially in the flat mouldings of the wooden panels.
There is an interesting chiasmus between the white, mute masonry block containing the hood, which marks the entire longitudinal section of the worktop, and the full-height, wooden pocket door, a decidedly stately and celebratory doorway.

Nordic taste prevails in the choice of furnishings, starting with the CH24 chairs by Carl Hansen & Søn, designed by Hans J. Wegner, and the Orbit pendant lamp by A-N-D, as well as in the focus on the dialogue between space and light, also through the colour choices.

Functionality and performance are also at the forefront in the choice of appliances. Ilve’s 150 cm Professional Plus range cooker is designed for demanding cooks looking for the highest level of professionalism even at home: equipped with a fry-top and multifunctional double oven (15 functions and 300°C maximum temperature), it is sturdy and ergonomic, perfect to fit easily into any setting. The built-in IAG hood disappears above the hob, leaving the starring role to technology: maximum power of 355 W, class A and 890 m3/h extraction.

Revealing and liberating, containing and concealing: it is from this alternation that the strength of a timeless design is born, capable of creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere, focusing on details and forgoing excess, favouring the value of spaces over the need to fill them up.

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