The luxury of feeling at home: a dream home between Etna and the sea

What you feel when you arrive at Rocca delle Tre Contrade is a great sense of freedom. This jewel of Mediterranean hospitality is located in Santa Venerina, on a private hilltop overlooking an extraordinary landscape: on one side Etna with its energy and restless charm, on the other the immense and peaceful Mediterranean Sea. Here, nature makes its presence felt strongly; it seduces and conquers, welcomes and regenerates. Jon is the proud host who chose the uniqueness of this place to bring his dream to life and share it with guests from all over the world.

“My first thought was: something must be done here. This is too beautiful a place, full of energy, light, and wind.”

Rocca delle Tre Contrade is a villa/inn with every comfort and service, but, above all, it is a home. When Jon and his partners decided to renovate the abandoned and dilapidated former aristocratic estate they fell in love with at first sight, they started from this concept. It was a long journey, a project that took shape over time, required patience and was carried out with the right amount of risk and initiative.
A great traveller (for work and by vocation), Jon seized the opportunity to create a hospitality venue that perfectly combined holiday luxury and the comforts of home: twelve rooms, a 25-metre-long infinity pool, a tennis court, a vegetable garden and a citrus orchard, a 24-hour kitchen, and courses held by international chefs.
He wanted to offer the best of Sicily, with respect for the soul of the house and trying to preserve its period features; but he also created an environment that reflected his personality, choosing the furniture, decorations and works of art himself, without the help of architects and interior designers: free from the constraints of experience on the field, he followed his own intuitions and ideas to build and share the home of his dreams.

“Real luxury lies not so much in gold taps or marble, but rather in space, light, the height of the ceilings, things you don’t find anymore.”

Travelers who choose Rocca delle Tre Contrade know that they will be able to enjoy all the benefits and services of a top hotel, as if they were at home: they will never share the pool or rub shoulders on the loungers with a stranger. They will only be surrounded by friends, relatives or the people with whom they wish to share their holiday.

“The first thing we tell guests is that they have arrived home.”

The kitchen plays a very important role in this oasis of well-being and relaxation: Jon has chosen to offer traditional Sicilian recipes with elements of Italian and international cuisine. The person who brings these ideas to the table, transforming principles and philosophy into tasty, simple, and authentic dishes, is Isidora, known as Dora, the cook at Rocca delle Tre Contrade.
Guardian of a tradition handed down through generations, Dora coordinates the kitchen, takes care of the shopping, chooses the ingredients, listens to Jon, interacts with guests, and knows how to make each recipe special.

“We simplified the dishes to make them as pure as possible, without changing them too much.”

Every year, in the spring and autumn, guests at Rocca delle Tre Contrade can take part in cooking courses with starred chefs: yet another opportunity for gourmet travellers to spend precious moments together, guided by professionals who generously offer their experience, and let themselves be inspired by the quality and abundance of raw materials that only a soil as generous as that of Sicily can offer.

Jon, Dora and everyone who collaborates on this project are the family we would all like to be welcomed by: discreet, attentive, caring, knowing exactly how to make us feel at home by letting us live a dream.


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